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African Bandannas is committed to offering quality products, unparalleled service and the most affordable way.

Only $8.99 Great service begins with great people

and industry experience, which is why our very small staff is made up of the best and most qualified to represent our culture with integrity in black owned small businesses. 

Our African Bandannas are sustainable and comes from all parts of Africa each African Bandanna represents; Innovation, Art, Culture, and Design. For as low as $8.99 ANY SIZE you will own something "afrocentric" & eclectic to represent. Each purchase does not go unnoticed and will contribute towards support various African Print reseller's and black owned fashion designers.

Thanks for visiting our page take time to browse through our online store and find out how beautiful African Fashion could be manipulated in fashion design and culture.

African Bandannas LLC. is trendsetting. let me begin with all due respect to the G code. This initiative began with the intentions to help stabilize our black urban communities with inspiration for our young men and woman. Our African Print Bandanna is to help with introducing a n different head gear tool that stimulates a  conscious reflection, a self worth in pride for their heritage, while wearing a bandanna. WE are not against no gangs nor people affiliated with them we want to help with our community to embrace their heritage too just as much they would embrace there choice of self expression. So wearing a African Bandanna ins to help those that want to feel different in pride for their African heritage could do so.

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African Bandannas will provide the BEST QUALITY Bandannas, Scarfs, & more...

African Bandannas LLC. is trendsetting. Our future is to expand into creating African Print DuRags, African Print Scarfs, & Top Grade Disinfectant Cleaner to assist with decreasing the spread of Covid 19. This new trend will accelerate a strong  momentum of fashion for head gear apparel. We sell 100% Real Wax Fabric. Our Urban fashion apparel has a uniqueness in so many versions using colors shapes and patterns to exemplify a new self identity for others to explore with..





African Bandannas is proud to be part of many events that supports our vision and target market.

  • African Bandannas do not want to be subjected to just fashion design and innovation ..

  • African Bandannas take part in positive social conditioning methods using African Print.

  • African Bandannas is a representation of heritage and positive esteem. 

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